Customised Wedding Candy for a Malay Couple…

LollyTalk customise candy as wedding favours for Malay Couples too.

All LollyTalk lollies are made using Halal certified ingredients and all our facilities doesn’t make any food that are non-halal. No alcohol, no liquor and no gelatine. We are also working hard towards getting  the halal certification for our store in coming days. LollyTalk lollies are widely used for fund raising by various Muslim Charitable Organizations too.
Ace PSLE Examinations (APEX) is a non-profit voluntary organisation which aims to prepare madrasah students in Singapore in preparation for their final-year examinations
Mr Ameerali Abdeali, President of Muslim Kidney Action Association commented on LollyTalk Facebook Page.
Visit LollyTalk Facebook FAQs page or LollyTalk website FAQs  for more information!!!

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